Career Guide: Importance of Post Graduate Education

Why choose postgraduate study?

There are as many answers to this question as there are to postgraduate students. You may enjoy a certain subject and want to explore it at an advanced level, such as a Masters’s degree or postgraduate research. In a difficult economic climate, you may decide that additional qualifications will improve your career prospects, making you an asset to your employer or a better interview candidate. Many employers look for the advanced knowledge and skills of postgraduates, as well as the commitment they have demonstrated in achieving a further qualifications.

Professional qualifications

You may want a career where a professional qualification is vital, such as accountancy, or it may form part of your continuing professional development. There are also many fields in which a research degree is desirable, such as work in laboratories or education. Alternatively, postgraduate study can open a whole new world of opportunity. Studying qualifications in law or computing, for example, would allow you to change your career entirely.

How will I financially support my studies?

Funding is a huge factor and students will often need to manage their education with salary upkeep, a mortgage or childcare. However, financial support is available, including bursaries and scholarships. There are also flexible study options, so you can fund your education by fitting study around your job. If your course is relevant to your job, you could even get support from your employer towards fees or study costs.

How can I fit study around my busy schedule?

Though daunting, it is possible. Many students fit further study around work and family. Nearly all taught courses to have part-time study options, while others are available through distance or ‘block’ learning. There are also extensive e-learning facilities, which means you can access the information and materials you need whenever it suits you.

How will my career be improved?

Having a career plan is important – you need to know how to use your new qualification to your advantage. Postgraduate education can offer guidance on your future and your choice of qualification. The programs work with you to ensure you take advantage of every opportunity and reach your potential. You will be able to complete your studies with an enviable CV and a bright future.

What kind, of course, should I study?

Postgraduate qualifications are available at many different levels, from Postgraduate Certificates to Ph.D. Taught courses involve more traditional seminars, coursework, or exams. Alternatively, you could choose a study that is entirely research-based. The research study involves producing an original thesis from mainly independent work, with support from a supervisory tutor or team.
Some qualifications are delivered by various universities on behalf of professional bodies. These are prescriptive in what you learn and how you study, so you can gain a qualification that is a recognized standard in that profession.